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All of Asus gaming computers get the first name of “ROG” Why is the new ROG Zephyrus GM501G the perfect computer for you that loves to play heavy games, and play around in heavy design programs such as Photoshop!

The computer has a raw design, it is a slick metal design and has allot of parts of only metal and this gives us the feeling that the computer is less fragile then other computers. When you open up the computer the back of it raises from the ground a bit and that makes it much nicer to write on and the cooling fans get some extra space to cool your computer down easier, and it does not get better when we found out that the computer had small red led lights in the back that lightens up when the computer raises, it looks powerful indeed! ROG

The air went can make a pretty loud sound when the computer really gets pushed to the limits, its not weird however due to the fast graphic card from Nvidia that needs allot of cooling.  A pretty funny function that this PC has is a button on your keyword where you can choose between High performance and then your cooling system will have to work hard, or you can lower the performance a bit. 

What does not impress us is the battery, Asus promised a battery time of 6 hours but when we used the computer for regular working stuff (not pushing) the pc we never reached 6 hours. For the person that play allot of heavy games on your pc we do think that you can play for such a long time on this one. However all modern heavy games will tear down any battery pretty quick. 

Core and Graphic card 

When it comes to playing games on the Asus ROG zephyrus GM501G there is nothing to complain about, the power full graphic card in combination with the core i7 processor from Intel is more then enough for non of the heavy games we tried to lag or hack when we played them. The fans are working super hard and the warm weather does not make anything better. The computer gets warm but if we think of the performance its doing it never gets super hot. 


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