The earth is being attacked by Aliens, its up to you and your friends to save whats left.

Me and my team mates can hear the foot steps from all directions, the blood is dripping from our wounds and our energy is starting to disappear.  Just a few more meters to our destination where we have ammo, bandages and some guns that we can use. We have sent more then 1000 Aliens to death but there is so many left and a few of my team mates are starting to lose faith… Finally we arrive at our destination with allot of supplies, all of us are throwing our self over the supplies that once was allot but are now starting to empty out. At this time we can hear the scream and the sound of the fence that is just a few minutes of breaking and throwing another wave of Aliens over us. If we are lucky we will get out of this Battle alive. 


The empty space that Left 4 Dead 2 left behind is huge! Every day fans are looking for a game that will come in the Left 4 dead series but it never comes. Due to this there is allot of happy developers that are investigating this sub genrĂ© similar to games such as warhammer, vermintide 2 and left 4 dead. Erthfall is a copy of these games, and not the best copy unfortunately. Up to 4 people can connect and play together online to survive a Alien invasion. Together you will fight your way to different levels and if the Zombies was not changed to Aliens i would think i played a worst version of Left 4 dead. 


Let me make one thing clear, you do not want to play this game by your self, that is as fun as it is cleaning a bathroom. Team play is the core in this game for you to get some kind of entertainment at all. The game does not give away allot of equipment when playing so you will pretty quickly have to decide who gets what and who gets to use the best guns!