F1 2018

Despite that Hegevall isn’t a real Formula 1 fan, he have taken a bite of the Codemasters 10th Formula 1 game. Is it the same old game, or is it the game that we always knew the British could develop? Keep on reading to find out!

Ten years and 10 Formula 1 games later and with the team behind masterpieces such as Dirt Rally, Dirt 2, Race Driver, Grid, Toca 2 and Colin McRae Rally have finally reached the point where they should have been already in 2009. I have always wonder why their games have been missing these small things, it always felt like there was something missing in the Formula 1 games that Codemasters made before, but lets put that a side and admire this fantastic Formula 1 game. During the last 20 years there haven’t been anyone that have made such a fantastic racing game as the F1 2018. F1 2009, 2010 and 2011 was all of them a disappointment. They where not bad racing games, but just a little bit to thin for my own taste. There is allot of games out there that you can bet on and that is called esports news


The Cars

The F1 cars we all know are super powerful and light and even if during the last years have been allot of talking of how boring it has become since all of the security systems and that the cars went from a wild screaming V8 to a boring version of the V6. However, this year we will see some cars with up towars 1000 HP on a car that weights around 730 Kilo. Its all about how to divide the power on the wheels without getting anyone injured! Codemasters have really been able to catch the feeling in the simulator of the game. The simulator makes you understand the power of the engine and all the way down to the Physics of the tiers. 


You can buy the game here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/737800/F1_2018/