New Computer Screen?

Sometimes it does not matter if you play the latest games, working with design or just want to watch a movie, to do all of these things you need a great computer screen. In the guide below you will go trough a few options you can choose from when you are going to change your computer screen.

Coding screen

Screen size

Does your super power full graphics card really matter? No it do not matter how good your graphic card is if your computer screen is terrible. On the computer screen market there is a ton of different options to choose from, everything from picture, size, colors etc etc… 

The first thing allot of people notice is the screen size. The size of the screen is Usually measured in Inch and a regular screen is around 26 inch big, for you that work with cm, this is around 66 cm and now we dont even count the frame. 

The size of the screen is Usually written with two different numbers, on modern screens this is a pretty common wide-screen format: 16:9. The most popular screen sizes are around 21-27 inch and that is a great size for both work, playing games and watching movies!

What does shortenings as Lcd, Led, Ips and TN stand for?

Lcd stands for “Liquid Crystal Display” this mean that the screen has LCD panels that are made of a light source behind the panels then the panels will either let the light trough or not. 

There is allot of  different panel types, each one with positive and negative stuff. This is why it is super important that you choose a screen with the correct panel type for your needs. The most common panel typ is a TN-panel the positive thing about this panel is that it has a very fast response time of 1-5 milliseconds. 


You can read more about the Liquid Crystal Display by following this link: