Yakuza Kiwami 2

The Japanese Mafia is Back! “Lina” has during the latest days been hunting down allot of the Japanese gangsters. Check the trailer below for some short gameplay action!


“Yakuza series”

Its time for the second game in the Yakusa series and its coming with a big “make over” on the 28th of August will the game be released for Playstation 4, last time we got our hands on this game was way back until 2007 when it was released for Playstation 2 but now its back and it looks better then ever!

“Kazuma Kiryu” have been having allot of things going against him in his live, after he served some long prison time and lost allot of friends and family as well he had to take care of a little girl after her mother got murdered. After all of this Kazuma can finally take some time of from his criminal past and start a new chapter in his life, unfortunately for Kazuma it doesn’t take long before trouble is knocking on his front door. The clan of the Tojo family is in danger and Kazuma has to act quickly before people dies.


The Concept.

Let me explain a bit what a Yakuza-Game is. To simply explain, the game is all about fighting, around 93 % of the time we played this game was all about fighting in the rawest form! The fights look amazing and they are entertaining as well, we are getting served street fights, arena fights and awesome fights against the big bosses. Inside of the arena we will meet a big crowd of people, to turn up the level there will be electrical walls and burning floors, in others words we can promise you that there will be alot of punches and kicks. If you like fighting games we can promise you one thing and that is that you will really love this game, but if you dont enjoy them we can almost promise you that you will not be happy with the game!